Doormat II

LA Print Company

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We’re excited to share with you a new product that has the potential to revolutionize your client appreciation strategy. We have recently launched personalized doormats that can be customized with the family name, cartoon images of each family member, their names, as well as your logo and JohnHart logo. These doormats serve as an excellent gift for your existing clients who have purchased a home through you, as well as your current buyers. The concept behind these doormats is simple but powerful. By offering a personalized and unique item for your clients’ homes, you not only show your appreciation for their business but also leave a lasting impression that will be seen and appreciated every day. This thoughtful gift not only strengthens your relationship with your clients but also serves as a constant reminder of the exceptional service and care you provide. Consider the impact on your clients’ guests. With every visit, they will be greeted by your logo, showcasing your creativity and exceptional relationship-building skills. Next time you’re searching for a great housewarming gift or something to simply say "Thank You", look no further!  Our new doormats are fully customized. 


*NOTE- ALL CLOSING GIFT BOXES WILL BE DELIVERED TO JH CAMPUS which is located in La Crescenta, Once arrived, you will receive an email notification that your order is ready for pick up. Tax is included in the price Thank you in advance*