Offset Printing

Offset printing is a process in which the image is transferred (or ‘offset’) from a metal plate, to a rubber blanket or roller and then to the printing surface. Also known as offset lithography, this process is ideal for large production runs such as newspapers, magazines, catalogs and books.

The print media itself, usually paper, never comes in to contact with the metal plates, prolonging the life of the plates. The rubber blankets/rollers conform to the print media surface, giving a sharp and clear final image. This also allows offset printers to print on canvas, plastic, wood or cloth.

At LA Print we use web offset printing, which are larger, higher-speed machines fed with reels of paper through the press machine; printing continuously as the paper is fed through. The pages are then separated and trimmed after printing. Web offset printing is very cost effective for high volume publications where the content may change, for example newspapers.

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